The Woman Not The Name


The Woman Not The Name tells the story of Will Ferris, a songwriter and amateur boxer from Cork. He’s only twenty-one, but he has a secret past for which he has already paid a heavy price.

In late 2004 Will starts a weekly gig in a Dublin pub and has a brief fling with a promiscuous lawyer in the Attorney General’s office, with disastrous consequences. Two of Will’s new friends grow to hate him. One is a junior civil servant in the Department of Finance; the other a talented brute who teaches painting at the National College of Art and Design.

But Will also has admirers: a quick-witted window dresser from the Brown Thomas department store; the manager of a boy-band; and a final-year medical student, who is extraordinary because she doesn’t drink or do drugs. Will is also a success professionally: within months he’s famous enough to appear on the Late Late Show, Ireland’s premier talk-show.

The novel culminates in a mid-summer birthday party on the Vico Road in Dalkey and a murder trial at the Central Criminal Court, illustrated with photographs and a transcript of the evidence of an eye-witness.

Part tragedy, part farce, part love story, The Woman Not The Name is an intricately plotted novel of modern manners and the myth of Orpheus.

ISBN: 9780956837929
Extent/format: 342 pages paperback
Price: €10.00
Publication: Octber 2013
Distribution: Argosy Libraries and Eason Wholesale
Robert Towers

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