Caught in a Free State

Caught in a Free State
script by Brian Lynch

RTÉ/Channel 4 co-production. 1983. Jacobs Award for script. Banff International TV Festival, Canada, award for best drama production 1984. A four-part series about German spies in Ireland during World War II.

The main spy, Dr Hermann Goertz, is played by Peter Jankowsky, with whom I subsequently translated Paul Celan: 65 Poems and who took the photographs of Clare Island about which I wrote the poems that comprise Easter Snow – Peter also translated the poems into German.

The series was directed by Peter Ormerod who went on to direct Eat the Peach before quitting the film industry in disgust to become a Ryanair pilot.

8 thoughts on “Caught in a Free State”

  1. Hi. I had a very small background part in CIAFS when I was a child – is it available to purchase on DVD anywhere? Regards. Lorna.

  2. Like others l been looking for the Tv series on DVD
    As so many items are re-released one would have hope that
    Channel 4 or RTE would have put it out.
    I watched them back in 80s on Channel 4.

  3. Hi, Anyone know where I can watch Caught in a Free State online even? Gunther Shutz was my neighbour and at one time my parents rented a room from him. They described him as such a character and I would love to watch the episode about him.

  4. I always felt the Caught in a Free State series was underrated by the archivists – on historical grounds alone.

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